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The Young Adult Visit #1


Project Viva is now in a new chapter where we are focusing on mothers and young adults as separate study participants instead of as pairs. In the spring of 2023, we launched the Young Adult Visit 1. We hope that Viva young adult participants are excited to continue contributing to groundbreaking science in the upcoming years!

Project Viva is no longer enrolling new participants. If you are an enrolled Project Viva participant and are interested in scheduling a visit, you can contact us to schedule:

Visit Location Options

Visit Location Options


401 Park Logo.png

Our visit room is located at 401 Park Drive, Boston, MA 02215. We would love for you to visit us at this location, if possible. Additionally, if you can visit us in Boston, your parking will be paid for the entire day in our garage, giving you the perfect excuse to explore the area or try Fenway’s new dining experience at the critically acclaimed Time Out Market.


  • Body measurements​

  • Blood pressure measurements

  • Biospecimen collection

  • DXA bone density scan

  • Visit questionnaire

  • Dietary questionnaire​

Your Home:


If it is more convenient for you, our research assistants can drive to you to complete a visit from the comfort of your own home if you live within a 3-hour drive of Boston. 

*Your Home


  • Body measurements

  • ​​Blood pressure measurements​

  • Biospecimen collection

  • Visit questionnaire

  • Dietary questionnaire​


Remote Worker_WHV.png

If you cannot see us in-person, we would like you to complete the visit components that can be done on your own electronically.




  • Visit questionnaire

  • Dietary questionnaire

Incentives You Will Receive:

  • As a thank you for participating, you can receive up to $45 in gift card incentives for remote visits.

  • If you decide to see us in person to complete the remaining in-person components, you can receive an additional $55 in gift card incentives.

Our Staff

Work With Our Staff:

Our team of dedicated research assistants is excited to work with you! Feel free to read our bios to learn more about us too.

Check out the timeline image below to see how far we have come together and what to look forward to next.

2022 Approved Timeline Graphic.png

Contact Us

Study Hotline: 617-867-4251
Text: 617-553-6698

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