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News Articles Featuring Project Viva

Quality of neighborhood residence in early life may be linked to Body Mass Index (BMI) trajectories and obesity risk through adolescence

Eurekalert, December 2022

A History of Stressors and Childhood Trauma May Predict Worse Menopausal Symptoms and Well-Being

Everyday Health, September 2022

Emily Oken's Studies on Nutrition During Pregnancy

Harvard Magazine, March 2022

The Best Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Live Science, February 2022

Maternal mid-pregnancy leptin and adiponectin levels as predictors of autism spectrum disorder: A prenatal cohort study

MDLinx, June 2021

Maternal eating habits may affect children’s weight later in life

Healio, May 2021

Recent research bolsters case for lutein's cognitive effects

Nutra, April 2021

Mothers' Diet in Pregnancy Tied to Children's Later Weight Gain

HealthDay, March 2021

Unhealthy diets during pregnancy can set children up on a path to weight gain and obesity, study warns

Daily Mail, March 2021

Early life risk factors predict higher obesity and cardiometabolic risk

MedicalxPress, November 2020

PFAS exposure while pregnant linked to later cardiometabolic risk

NIEHS Extramural Paper of the Month, November 2020

Higher manganese levels in early pregnancy linked to lower preeclampsia risk

Science Daily, July 2020

The 6 Rules of Serving Fish to Kids

Fatherly, March 2020

Households are awash in 'forever chemicals'

Portland Press Herald, November 2019

VIDEO: Exposure to common chemicals may lead to obesity, diabetes

Helio: Endocrine Today, November 2019

Teenage Sleep Hygiene

Harvard Medical School News & Research, September 2019

Study shows the importance of when adolescents sleep to obesity and cardiometabolic health

Massachusetts General Hospital, September 2019

Maine Med gets $2.2 million grant to study potential link between common chemicals and teenage obesity

Portland Pres Herald, April 2019

Maine hospital lands $2.2 million for obesity study

Bangor Daily News, April 2019

Toss-Up for Weight Status Measures in Screening Young Children

MedPage Today, September 2018

Poor Sleep Habits in Adolescence Correlated with Cardiovascular Risk

NIH Director's Blog, June 2018

Teens' lack of sleep tied to high blood pressure, more body fat

Reuters, June 2018

Objective Sleep Characteristics and Cardiometabolic Health in Young Adolescents

Pediatrics, June 2018

Traffic-related pollution linked to risk of asthma in children

Scientific Daily, May 2018

If You’re Pregnant, You Should Be Eating WAY Less Sugar—Here’s Why

Reader's Digest, 2018

Sugary Diet During Pregnancy May Increase Asthma Risk in Children

The New York Times, December 2017

Sugary drinks in pregnancy can lead to weight woes in childhood, study says, July 2017

Study suggests drinking soda in pregnancy affects kids' weight

Boston Globe, July 2017

Drinking sugary beverages in pregnancy linked to kids' later weight gain

ScienceNews, July 2017

Lack of sleep linked to behavioral problems in kids

FoxNews, March 2017

Too little sleep in preschool could mean behavior problems later

CBS News, March 2017

Poor Sleep in Preschool Years Could Mean Behavior Troubles Later

U.S. News and World Report, March 2017

Study flags later risks for sleep-deprived kids

Harvard Gazette, March 2017

Eating Fruit While Pregnant May Boost Your Baby’s Intelligence

The Wall Street Journal, August 2016

Harvard Epidemiologist to Lead Revamped NIH Children’s Study

Science Magazine, April 2016

Even Low Levels of Air Pollution Appear to Affect Children's Lung Health

Science Daily, April 2016

The Best Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

LiveScience, February 2016

Too Much Fish during Pregnancy Increases a Child's Obesity Risk, Study Says

CNN, February 2016

Eating Fish While Pregnant Could Up Your Child’s Obesity Risk

Medical Daily, February 2016

Hypertension Jr.: Why Some Kids Face This Adult Health Problem

US News and World Report, December 2015

Childx speaker Matthew Gillman discusses obesity prevention

Childx, April 2015

Should Pregnant Women Eat More Tuna

New York Times Blog, March 2015

Not Enough Sleep Ups Obesity Risk in Young Children

Huffington Post, May 2014

Less Sleep for Little Kids Linked to More Belly Fat Later On

NPR, May 2014

Chronic sleep deprivation linked to childhood obesity

CBSNews, May 2014

Intake of dietary methyl donors in first trimester affects asthma risk in children

Science Daily, May 2014

Breastfeeding linked to child's intelligence later in life

Fox News, July 2013

More evidence that breastfeeding may boost babies' IQs

USA TODAY, July 2013

Breastfeeding duration appears associated with intelligence later in life

Science Daily, July 2013

Early-life Risk Factors Account for Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Childhood Obesity

ScienceDaily, June 2013

Risk for Obesity Begins in the Womb and Before Age 3

St Louis Post-Dispatch, November 2012

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby: The risks of Excess Weight

HBO, May 2012

Introducing Solid Food Too Soon Puts Babies at Risk for Early Obesity

ABC News, February 2011

Child obesity linked to formula, early start on solids

USA Today, February 2011

The Womb. Your Mother. Yourself. How the first nine months shape the rest of your life

TIME magazine, October 2010

Baby Fat May Not Be So Cute After All

The New York Times, March 2010

Risk of Childhood Obesity Higher Among Minorities

U.S. News & World Report, March 2010

Babies’ birth weights falling

The Boston Globe, January 2010

Obesity Trumps Smoking As American Health Burden

NPR, January 2010

Link between childhood obesity, hormone leptin investigated

USA Today, November 2009

Does Baby Fat Lead to Obesity?

The Washington Post, April 2009

Rapid Infant Weight Gain Linked to Childhood Obesity

US News and World Report, March 2009

Study: Want a smart baby? TV's not going to help

The Globe and Mail, March 2009

Sorry Baby Einstein Marketing - TV Viewing Before Age 2 Shows No Benefit

Scientific Blogging, March 2009

Eating Fish, Breast-Feeding Boost Infant Development

The Washington Post, September 2008

Benefits of fish may outweigh risks for pregnant women

The Boston Globe, September 2008

Patterns: Heavy Burden for Infants Who Lack Sleep

The New York Times, April 2008

Study: Pregnant women who eat more fish, including canned tuna, have smarter children

The Center for Consumer Freedom, March 2008

New mums short on sleep pile on the pounds

The Medical News, November 2007

Getting Brain Food Straight from the Source

NPR, November 2007

Weight Gain In Pregnancy Linked To Overweight In Kids

Science Daily, April 2007

Excess weight of pregnancy may end up on child

The Boston Globe, April 2007

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